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Auction Template Terms

Because these terms are subject to change at any time, it is recommended that you visit them from time to time. We all know how frequently eBay likes to changes the rules.

The 2 major terms that ALWAYS apply to any Auction Template created by justonemoreanimation:

  • Do NOT resell or give away any template or any part of the template
  • Do NOT remove the link at the bottom of the template.

You can use your auction template anywhere on the web that excepts HTML. You CAN alter the template to suit your needs, however this will void any FREE template support. If you need support after you have altered the template there will be a fee involved.

By purchasing and using any template from justonemoreanimation you are agreeing to all terms stated above.



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Don't forget when purchasing any Reborn Baby Auction Template to add your Nursery Name and Artist name to ensure a faster template delivery. You can either add this information to the "notes to seller" area when making your PayPal payment or you can simply email me the information via eBay.



How long until I receive my template?
Typically, if there are no requests for any customization to the template, your template is sent within 72 hours. Sooner when possible.

Can I use these templates with Seller Sourcebook?
YES, I will send your templates to Seller Sourcebook for you at no extra charge. All I will need is your SSB account name. They will then install your templates into your account for you. 

Can I use these templates with Auctiva?
YES, you can install your templates in your account. Don't know how, you can use our step-by-step tutorial on installing templates into your Auctiva account HERE. I can install your templates into your Auctiva account for you. Simply e-mail me via eBay.

Can I use these templates in InkFrog?
YES, you can install your templates in your account or I can install your templates into your Inkfrog account for you. CLICK HERE to purchase.

Can I have my name added to the header of this template instead of it saying the standard "welcome to my auction"?
Usually, Yes. If the header of the template states: Your name here, then it will be sent with your eBay store name on the header automatically. If you do not have a store then your eBay ID name will be entered. If you want something different added to the header simply add this info in the "notes to seller" area when making your PayPal payment.
If the template has the normal "Welcome to my auction" and you would like to change the header, Simply e-mail me via eBay. Most templates I offer can be slightly altered. Sometimes due to the way the template header was created, it can not be altered.

Can I have the music removed, or add music?
Yes, you can always request to have the music removed, or request to have music added. If you already have the music you want added then there will be no extra charge for adding it to your template. If you need me to locate and add the song to the template for you there is a small fee. Simply e-mail me via eBay.

Can I add my own graphics, links, logos, to the template?
Yes. You can add your own images, links, ect to your template. I encourage customers to customize their template to suit their needs. Once you purchase the template, it is representing your business, not mine. The only "no-no's" is that you can not resell the template as a part or whole, remove my copyright from the template, resell or give away any part of the template.

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