Template Terms

Because eBay is always changing the rules it is recommended you visit this page occasionally. You can bookmark it to access it easier.

The following terms where edited on 11/5/2016

Every template created and provided by justonemoreanimation only has 3 restrictions:

  1. Do NOT resell the template, as a whole or any part of it.

  2. Do NOT give the template, as a whole or any part of it, away to anyone else.

  3. Do NOT remove the copyright at the bottom of the template

That's it !!! Yup.. Feel free to use your template anywhere on the web, as many times as you want, and however you want. You can even alter the template to suite your needs. Cut it up, add to it, change it around, ect. Make the template to suit your specific needs. but please note, if you do alter the template in any way I can not offer the free support for that template.

Important sale terms.

It is recommended that you have the basic knowledge to open and work with word-pad or note-pad documents along with being able to copy and paste. If you are using Windows 10 please make sure you can use these files as once I email your template to you there is no refund. You can go to justonemoreanimation.com to get many free templates to check to make sure you can work with word-pad or note-pad documents.

 All templates are automatically emailed to your registered paypal email address within 72 hours of payment.

All template graphics are stored in my paid photobucket premium account. Please note that I can not be held responsible for any downtime from photobucket. I have been with them for 10 years and it is not very often it happens but occasionally they are down for a brief time. This does cause all template graphics to also be down. You are free to upload all template graphics to your own photo hosting site. Check the template listing to see if it comes with that option, if not please contact me.

If you do choose to host the template graphics, I can no longer offer free support for those images.

All templates from justonemoreanimation are 100% HTML and are completely in complient with eBay's new 2017 changes.

You can find many helpful stuff using the links to the right.


How long until I receive my template?
Typically, if there are no requests for any customization to the template, your template is emailed to your registered PayPal email address within 72 hours. Usually sooner.

Can I use these templates with Seller Sourcebook?
YES, I will send your templates to Seller Sourcebook for you at no extra charge. All I will need is your SSB account name. They will then install your templates into your account for you. 

Can I use these templates with Auctiva?
YES, you can install your templates in your account. Don't know how, you can use our step-by-step tutorial on installing templates into your Auctiva account HERE. I can install your templates into your Auctiva account for you. Simply e-mail me via eBay.

Can I use these templates in InkFrog?
YES, you can install your templates in your account or I can install your templates into your Inkfrog account for you.

I lost my templates, do I have to purchase them again?

Absolutely not !! Simply send me an email, tell me the name of your eBay user ID that you purchased your templates under and I will be happy to email all your template purchases to you.

Can I have my name added to the header of this template instead of it saying the standard "welcome to my auction"?
Usually, Yes. If the header of the template states: Your name here, then it will be sent with your eBay store name on the header automatically. If you do not have a store then your eBay ID name will be entered. If you want something different added to the header simply add this info in the "notes to seller" area when making your PayPal payment.
If the template has the normal "Welcome to my auction" and you would like to change the header, Simply e-mail me via eBay. Most templates I offer can be slightly altered. Sometimes due to the way the template header was created, it can not be altered.

Can I add music?
Yes, you can always request to have the music removed, or request to have music added. If you already have the music you want added then there will be no extra charge for adding it to your template. If you need me to locate and add the song to the template for you there is a small fee. Simply e-mail me via eBay.  Please note due to the new changes in 2017 eBay listing may not longer allow the code needed to play music.

Can I add my own graphics, links, logos, to the template?
Yes. You can add your own images, links, ect to your template. I encourage customers to customize their template to suit their needs. Once you purchase the template, it is representing your business, not mine. The only "no-no's" is that you can not resell the template as a part or whole, remove my copyright from the template, resell or give away any part of the template.

Tips, tricks, and fun stuff


Want to display many pictures in your eBay listing but don’t want your page to take to long to load? Make your pictures clickable so your viewers can click your pictures to see them full size. If your page takes to long to load you are losing money. Most shoppers will not wait for a page to load more than several seconds. Google has tested and tested and can prove people are wanting pages to load within seconds. When the page doesn’t they leave and go to the next and you lose a potential sale.
Learn a simple HTML code to make all your pictures clickable. CLICK HERE to read the tutorial at the justonemoreanimation.com website.

I found this little site that is pretty fun to check out stuff on eBay: Click Here Just type in what you want to find out and see what is being the most watched. Of course you know I had to try auction templates. I did make it on the first page. Woo Hoo. I am happy with that.
Check it out and find out what’s hot on eBay…

Customer Feedback

I am looking forward to listing my reborn baby dolls with your template. There is such a difference when a template is used and your’s is adorable.
Thank you! Pam

Thank you – the new re-sized pics LOOK GREAT! I still have a few typos to
tweek and aligning my wacky text.. . but you really save me and the true look of your template I’ll send my doll forum friends your way !
Sincerely, Kimber

Hi Danita,
Thank you so much. I also use Photobucket. I will give that a try. Its really frustrating when your hard work gets stolen. I’ve already had content stolen on eBay and would hate to have my new template design stolen also. On a side note: I absolutely love your template designs.:)
Thanks again and have a great evening.

I’ve been listing this afternoon and am it is so fun to start using them! You have such great templates – I’ve sent alot of fellow sellers to you when they’ve admired my templates:)


Hi Danita,
Thank you very much, I have the first listing up and it looks good, thank you for your help, I am very happy!
Regards, Rose

Dear animatemytemplate,
Just wanted to say that you have literally the best auction templates I have seen. I’ve looked all over the internet and yours are by far the most creative. Wonderful work. I was going to buy a few as soon as I decide which three are my fave.
– hollister.oceangirly

Definitely we will be doing business again, and perhaps soon!!! Fall has…well…fallen in this state, and I need to go out and do a little photography. I am very, very pleased with the high quality you offer. I have had other people do templates for me, and to be honest was not satisfied. With yours, I’m pretty much ecstatic!!! Keep up the great work! One question, were you able to do anything with the other image? I know this one was the last paid for, but money is the simple part as I am sure you would agree with. Also I am contemplating a website in the future…would you be someone I should consult first??? Again, extremely satisfied with teh high quality, the ease with which I can list, and above all…my customers satisfaction with the templates! I get compliments…but the work is yours and I am not embarrassed to tell them I do not have that talent at all…you do!!!

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