Saving your eBay Auction Template graphics

I frequently receive emails from customers telling me their horror stories of how one day they signed onto their computer to go to work on eBay. They go to check one of their listings and their listing is a complete mess. They check other listings and find all or many of their other listings are also a mess. None of the template images are showing so their listing page looks horrible.

Yes, that can cause panic, stress, worry, and much frustration. AND it can cause loss of sale opportunities. Customers view your listings only to find complete chaos. They don't know what's going on and it causes them confusion and uncertianty thus leaving your listing page and purchasing from another.

Justonemoreanimation is always here to help the eBay seller. Every template created by justonemoreanimation has the eBay seller in mind. Will the template help increase the sellers sale? Well, not if the template is a complete mess.

How can justonemoreanimation help with this growing problem? Simple, give you the graphics for your new template so you will never have to worry about someone else causing you this chaotic mess.

Let's get your template graphics transfered into your template HTML code.

You should receive your template from justonemoreanimation on a word-pad document. The word-pad document is used because it can be edited with color highlighting which helps you tremendously. No having to search through mundane HTML code.

When your purchase a template with the template graphics you will receive everything in a zipped file emailed to your registered PayPal email address within 72 hours of payment. When you receive the email you will want to save the file, attached to the email, to your computer. When you open or unzip the file you will find all template images for that template as well as the template HTML code on a word-pad document. Because you are purchasing the graphics with the template the template HTML code does not contain any image address in it so it will not work until you add your image url addresses to it. The code will look similar to the image below. You can click the image for a larger view.

You will see there are 3 highlight colors used. The red highlight is always used for just your product picture url addressess. The blue highlights are always used for just your listing text. The purple highlights are always used for just your template picture url addresses. So, you want to focus on the purple highlightes. Each purple highlight will tell you what graphic url address is to be pasted right where it says. please note the purple text for each image is within a set of quotation marks. For example:

<img border="0" src="PASTE DESCRIPTION URL HERE">

When you paste your template image url address for the description image, as shown in the code above, you want to make sure it is inbetween the quotation marks. So when your paste your image url address it should then look like the code below:

<img border="0" src="http://yourhostingsitename/description.png">

So, after you have saved all template graphics into your own photo hostings site just copy each image url address and paste into the proper place in the template HTML code. The template graphic will have the same name as to the place it belongs in the HTML code. Example, the Header image is to be placed in the HTML code where it says:  PASTE HEADER URL HERE.

And that is it. Do that for each image highlighted in purple in your template code and your template is now ready to use and you now have complete control of your images.

A tip about the url address.

Most people use photobucket for their image hosting site. If you use photobucket you want to use the "direct link" url address. If you are using another photo hosting site make sure the url address you are using is just the address. It should only have one http: if it has more than one http it is containing a link with your image.

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