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Make your listing photos clickable for a larger view

Did you know that by placing large pictures in your listings that you may be losing sales? The more pictures your listing contains the longer your listing page takes to load. The bigger the picture is the longer it takes to load. Every second DOES count. This is why any template created by justonemoreanimation does not contain all those neat animated graphics, music, and other fun stuff that is actually harmful to your sales.
Google has tested and tested and can prove people are wanting pages to load within seconds. When the page doesn't they leave and go to the next and you lose a potential sale.

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The code and how to use it.

First, justonemoreanimation only uses photobucket.com for all images. All tutorials use photobucket.com

To make your product pictures in your auction listings clickable to their larger size you will have to switch out the picture html codes in your auction template HTML code. When you open your word-pad document containing the HTML code for your auction template you want to locate your picture placement codes, shown in the example below.

All auction templates from justonemoreanimation come with 3 picture places and where you copy and paste your picture url address is always highlighted in red. To make your pictures clickable you will simply delete the three picture codes and replace with the following picture code below.

The code above is not color highlighted. If you would like the code already color highlighted for you simply CLICK HERE to download the code on a word-pad document.

Now let's learn how the code exactly works so you can better understand how to use the code.

  • Again, the code contains only 3 picture placements. Each picture code begins with the <p align="center"> code. This is the HTML code that aligns your picture in the center.

  • Next is the <a href="ADD YOUR PHOTO ADDRESS HERE"> This is the code that is going to make your picture clickable and where to take the viewer when your picture is clicked. This is where you add your picture code url address.

  • Following is <img src="ADD YOUR PHOTO ADDRESS HERE" width="500">This is the image that is going to be displayed on your listing that is clickable to the image which you added in the <a href code above. This is why each picture url address has to be added twice. Once to display it and once to view it larger.

  • Also, note at the end of the last code it has a width="500"> at the end of it. This is setting the width of your picture being shown in your listing template. You can easily change your picture size by changing the 500 number, smaller for smaller size and larger for larger size.

  • Notice there is NO height size added. Your viewing device will automatically adjust your pictures height to the appropriate size to match the width you set it to. If you do add a height size and it does not exactly match the appropriate width size for that picture it will cause your picture to look distorted. You do NOT have to add the height.

To give you a refresher, you are going to simply delete the 3 existing picture codes in your auction template html code and replace with the code provided above. For each picture you will just have to add the picture url address twice. That's it. The code does everything else for you.

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