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FREE Sports Auction Templates

FREE sports auction templates to help you increase sales to your auction listings. Welcome your customers with the all time sports. Great for selling your sport products. Don't forget to read our FREE auction template terms below. Can't find what you are looking for in our FREE auction templates? No problem, keep scrolling down to find many more Sport Auction templates from justonemoreanimation and other template designers.

FREE Auction Template Terms only has 2 terms when using any template created by justonemoreanimation.


    By using any auction template from justonemoreanimation you are agreeing that you will NOT resell the template. justonemoreanimation DOES offer templates for resale. If you are interested in selling your own auction template you can contact my at for more information.


    By using any auction template from justonemoreanimation you are agreeing that you will NOT remove the link at the bottom of the template. This link is what gives us our credit and helps to keep this site full of FREE auction templates. If you would like to purchase a custom template without a link at the bottom of the template you can contact me at for more information.


Click on the FREE Auction Template preview below to preview the entire template and to get the FREE auction template code.

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Template Tips

Keep up with today's technology. More and more people are using their handheld devices to access the internet. From shopping to searching. justonemoreanimation is doing it's best to keep up with the ever-changing technology. All templates now created by justonemoreanimation have your savy tech shoppers in mind.  Check out one of the newest creations below.

TANGLE auction template

Tangle Auction Template Shot

This new auction template was created to work better on both computers & laptops as well as on most handheld devices such as ipads, kindles, androids, ect. The main background is added to fill up all white space in your listings for all your laptop and desktop shoppers. The main center of the template is created with a smaller pixel width to work better on most of today's hand-held devices. This helps prevent your tech shoppers from having to scroll left and right on their devices. Improving your chance for that sale. Remember, the longer your shopper views your listing the higher chance of receiving a sale.

Auction Templates from other designers

Wildlife  Auction Template

Wildlife Auction Template


A brightly colored auction template to bring happiness to your customers. With wildlife colors and fun animals to help put smiles on your viewers face. A happy customer is more apt to purchase. This adorable auction template is sure to bring some fun vivid color to your listings. This designer specializes in German based Templates.

Auction Template by monique-ann-marquez-designs


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Purchase our Animal Auction Templates right here and get them emailed to you within 72 hours. You will receive your template on a word-pad document sent to your registered PayPal e-mail address. If you need your templates sent to another email address simply state the address in the notes to seller area when making your PayPal payment. Clicking the preview will take you to our eBay listing. You will always pay less by purchasing your templates directly from the site. Same 100% guarantee still applies to ANY template created by
Green Pack Football Auction Template Preview
Green Pack Football Auction Template
OU Football Auction Template preview
OU Football Auction Template

How To Select The Right Auction Template

Is your auction template working for you or against you? Although a lot of animation, glittery backgrounds, music, and all that other neat looking stuff may "look" nice, they are actually working against you. All this fun stuff actually makes your listing page load longer which is causing you to lose a lot of viewers. If your page does not load within a matter of seconds most viewers are going to leave and go to the next available item they are searching for. Keep it clean and simple. An auction template can help your listing stand out without hindering your sales. This is why you will find very few auction templates from justonemoreanimation with lots of animation, music, glittery and animated backgrounds, ect. The name "justonemoreanimation" actually was created because our templates use to be packed full of fun and cool animations. As we grew and researched we realized this was not good for our customers. We want to help you increase your sales, not decrease them. There are many other sellers out there that focus on the template appearance and not what the template is actually suppose to be for.

Auction Template designers are needed. Have your creations added to the site and increase your sales. CLICK HERE for more info.

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