Gorgeous Reborn Twins!! “Reuben & Grace”

Jayne has been an artist for more than 40 years, but in more recent years, making Reborn Babies has become her latest passion. So much so that she has won multiple awards, including Champion and Grand Champion!
All of Jayne's babies are made to the highest standard, using high quality materials including genesis heat set paints. Each baby is lovingly painted in many, many layers to create a very real effect.
They even smell just like a real baby smells just after a nice warm bath!!
The hair is implanted strand by strand to give a beautiful head of hair which can be dampened and gently styled. The skin tones are perfect with details such as mottling, tiny veins, milk pimples, birth marks and little baby scratches. Each finger nail and each toe nail look so real you will wonder why they don’t grow!!.
The bodies are soft and fully jointed for ease of positioning and even the baby’s head can be positioned!
Your baby won’t go shiny and will last a lifetime because Jayne applies a matt varnish to finish off.
And the hands and feet look so real you’ll want to hold them in your hands and give them little kisses.
Each baby will come home with a delightful set of clothes chosen just for them, many outfits are
handmade, and one of a kind.

Please ask us about our payment plan! It’s easy!!

Born on the 26th May 2010, Reuben started out as a Taite kit by Denise Pratt.

Grace started out s a Faith kit by Heather Boneham.

Grace is 17inches long and Reuben is slightly smaller at 16 inches.

Reuben weighs 3.1 lb (that's 1.6 kilo)

Grace weighs in at 3.4lb (1.7kilo)

That's a good weight for premmie twins!

Both babies have very fine, sandy coloured mohair, fluffy just like a prem newborn!

Both babies have their eyes tightly shut, with a glisten of a teardrop, just to melt your heart!

They also have micro-rooted real hair eyelashes.

Mottled skin tones like real babies, many hours of work went  into creating the perfect tones for these tiny babies.

(& they were mistaken for real babies when they visited the Canberra Hospital )

The Twins are of British descent but born in Australia, that makes them Aussies!!


Reborn Reuben and Grace are sweet babies much admired by our friends and neighbors who visit them, Grace has spit bubbles on her pretty pink lips and the most gorgeous details on her toes and fingers, just look at her nails.They look REAL! She has fine milk pimples and little marks and scratches.

Reuben is crying and needing a cuddle. He has bubbles in his mouth and a tummy plate you won't believe isn't real! With his umbilical cord still attached, it has a magnet behind it so you can take it off and save it for keeps.

They both have beautiful, designer and hand-knitted clothes as seen in the pictures.

Take Home package

Baby Ka-Boosh lemon all-in-one
with mittens.
White all-in-one with a teddy-bear embroidery. Hand-knitted by Nanna blue cardi with elephant buttons and a knitted hat and little knitted booties.
Blue embroidered with puppy's sleep-suit. Reuben also has a blue singlet and a cloth nappy with a cute old fashioned nappy pin.
*Reuben will have a surprise gift to take home, just from me to you*

Beautiful white embroidered and frilled going home dress, white knitted cardi (not shown) pink summer all-in-one, singlet and cloth nappy with an old fashioned baby pin.  

*Bonus "Papoose" embroidered layette included with a hand knitted pink teddy-bear as a gift from Jayne.*

Both Babies go home wrapped in a  hand crocheted baby rug.
And both Reuben and Grace have a magnetic dummy...but take care around pacemakers please, they have strong earth magnets.

Each and every Lamaland Baby has his or hers Birth certificate signed by the Award Winning Artist
Lamaland Babies guaranteed!



If you wish to take advantage of our payment plan, please email me before bidding.

A non-refundable deposit of $250 applies because if you should change your mind, we still have advertising fees and costs to pay.

All payments must be cleared and final before shipping can occur.


105 Au (approx 60 GBP) and National postal charges approximately  $60 (depending on your location, please email me for more details)
NB: Insurance is included free of charge!! 

Lamaland babies can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

Each one is made with the finest of products and are filled with soft glass pellets and poly-fill.

Please note they are for Collectors. They are very suited to cuddles and love but they are not toys and not suitable for children.

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