Welcome to justonemoreanimation. Your place for all your eBay auction templates and more. From creative eye-catching templates that you will NOT find anywhere else, to FREE templates. Whether you are a first time seller on eBay to a top seller there is a template here for you. justonemoreanimation was built for the eBay seller. Selling on eBay is far from free and the fees can add up. Making it hard for the newbies to get going, this is why you will find dozens of FREE templates to help you get started.

Every template created and provided by justonemoreanimation only has 3 restrictions:

  1. Do NOT resell the template, as a whole or any part of it.

  2. Do NOT give the template, as a whole or any part of it, away to anyone else.

  3. Do NOT remove the copyright at the bottom of the template

That's it !!! Yup.. Feel free to use your template anywhere on the web, as many times as you want, and however you want. You can even alter the template to suite your needs. Cut it up, add to it, change it around, ect. Make the template to suit your specific needs. but please note, if you do alter the template in any way I can not offer the free support for that template.

2016 update: eBay is changing the rules again. You will now only be able to use HTML and light CSS in your eBay listings. If your templates contains any other code it will soon be rejected from eBay. Fret not, all templates from justonemoreanimation are 100% HTML only. Please note that since java script will also be banned from eBay all templates from now on will no longer contain the no right-click code as it was a java-script code.

justonemoreanimation (JOMA) was created in 2007 and has done extensive research on auction templates. What helps the seller and what hurts the seller. You will rarely see a template here with music installed as research has shown that most times the shopper can get annoyed by the music playing thus causing them to leave your listing page. Music can be added to any template at your request only.

In the beginning templates from justonemoreanimation were filled with wonderful animations. Hence the name (just one more animation). After much research it was found that to much animation could be harmful to the seller as animation caused the page load time to high. If your listing page does not load within a matter of seconds, technology has killed the patient levels these days, the shopper will leave the page and head to the next listing from someone else. Tsk Tsk  animation is so cool.. You will occasionally find a little animation here in there but nothing that will cause a high load time.

Center of attention !!! The template is ment to get your product noticed, not steal your products attention. All templates created from justonemoreanimation keeps the center of the template open for your product information. Everything is designed around your information. An eye catching header to entice your shoppers to have to keep scrolling on your page. That is the center of your pages attention. The template opens up to the center and ends with another eye catching thank you. Just enough attention to keep your customers on your page just a little longer. Research has proven that the longer a shopper stays on a page the higher the chance of a sale.

justonemoreanimation stands behind every single template created and offered to you. The template has a job and that job is to help you sell.

Daring to be different......

Spread The Word...

Now you can help spread the word for your favorite foundation through your eBay Templates. JOMA now offeres Awareness templates and each template automatically donates 50% of the sale to the specified foundation for that template. Breast Cancer, Autisum, Animal Abuse, etc.

Visitn Awareness Auction Templates today !!!


A Customer Creation Template

VINTAGE RECORDS eBay Listing Auction Template Vinyl Lps albums grunge player

This template was created by a customer request who wanted a template to sell their records. This eBay listing templates was created to have a vintage feel to it since records are vintage. Record albums are stacked in the background. An old broken record is playing on a vintage record player as the header of this template. Complimented with aged colors to make this template perfect.

You can now find JOMA on Etsy. Templates and my personal handmade creations.

Tips, tricks, and fun stuff


Want to display many pictures in your eBay listing but don’t want your page to take to long to load? Make your pictures clickable so your viewers can click your pictures to see them full size. If your page takes to long to load you are losing money. Most shoppers will not wait for a page to load more than several seconds. Google has tested and tested and can prove people are wanting pages to load within seconds. When the page doesn’t they leave and go to the next and you lose a potential sale.

Learn a simple HTML code to make all your pictures clickable. CLICK HERE to read the tutorial at the justonemoreanimation.com website.

I found this little site that is pretty fun to check out stuff on eBay: Click Here Just type in what you want to find out and see what is being the most watched. Of course you know I had to try auction templates. I did make it on the first page. Woo Hoo. I am happy with that.
Check it out and find out what’s hot on eBay…


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